Why we built our own desks.

Summer 2017, and downtown Toronto is moving a bit slower than it would on a busy Monday morning. We find ourselves sweating like mad in the front seat of a rented Zipcar van, downing an iced coffee from DarkHorse on Geary Street. We have three hours to pick up wood, tools, and the vintage refrigerator door that would soon become our boardroom table. 

Coming from the start-up world, we have worked for companies that have moved into their first offices and it usually consisted of a couple of hours of putting together some prefab desks from Ikea with those small wrenches. 

We didn’t choose to do that, because this was our office and our company that we held with much pride. As we started to piece out the wood, measure, and fire up the tools we realized when you care about something you are willing to put in the time and effort to do it right…and your way. 

It’s true that we have spent many weekends building tables, desks, benches, and many other pieces for our houses and backyards. It made us think about what goes into building something great, something of your own. So let me break down why building our own desks was so important to us and how it relates to how we do business. 

1. Have a plan, visualize the end product.

With any good build, you need to have a vision of what that end product is going to be, and a plan on how you are going to get there. This takes creativity but also a very analytical mind to weigh all the challenges that might arise. With any campaign/client we take on, this is where we start. Knowing where you want to be and what success looks like is key. 

2. Don’t go it alone, many minds make light work.

We were lucky enough to grow up learning how to build and fix things, and that means we’re usually the first people to be called on by our network when a job needs to be done. There is a beautiful thing that happens when a group of people get together to take on a task, and that is collaboration and trust. We didn’t go about building our office furniture alone, we had a couple friends that we trusted that could help us build it right and be something we were proud of.  We truly believe the only way to be successful with a client is to be part of the team and share all of our knowledge to help them get where they need to go.  

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