Conversations with the Women in Leadership at S+G

women at search + gather

At Search + Gather we just finished celebrating International Women’s Week (see our insta at @SearchGather for some pictures of the amazing women on our team)! The S+G team is 55% women, a stat that includes the leadership team, which is 50% women. So quite literally, without the talented women on our team we (like the rest of the world) couldn’t do what we do!

Paid Search vs Paid Social: Which is Right for Your Business?

Paid search and paid social are two popular forms of online advertising that businesses can use to reach potential customers. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the decision of when to use one over the other depends on the specific goals and objectives of your business. What is Paid Search? Paid search advertising, … Read more

Sharing Our Startup

Contact Back to all posts As I sit here trying to connect to Ontario country internet, I reflect on the incredible company we have built over the last 4 years. How did this happen? Were we blessed from the gods, or did our risk-taking nature and hard work pay off? Maybe a little bit of … Read more

There’s a Baby in my Office!

Contact Back to all posts I am a creature of habit and love my routine. From my local coffee shop to my subway ride. It’s my time to think, plan out my day and psych myself up for my meetings, calls and other duties here at S+G. I have never been a work from home … Read more

Rethinking Your Acquisition Spend?

Contact Back to all posts These are indeed uncharted and challenging times. We realize that some businesses might not have the means to spend on digital marketing during the economic turmoil that coincides with the COVID-19 pandemic – managing costs and serving existing customers is much more of a priority. It’s also difficult to give … Read more

Introducing the new Search + Gather

Contact Back to all posts Search + Gather is getting a whole new look, made to reflect the digital agency we’ve become, as well as look forward to the one we’ll transform into in the future. We’ve got a bold, modern look that’s as mature as we are, and we’re excited for it to take … Read more

Starting Up at our Startup

Mofina on Couch

Contact Back to all posts “I’m so sorry!” Doug Gorrie explained. “I didn’t mean to get you this busy so soon, but we’ve got a client urgently requesting an updated version of the ads we sent them last week. They want to launch it this afternoon. Do you think you can give me a few … Read more