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Levitation 2 is the world’s first powerful “bionic” knee extension assist brace.
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About Spring Loaded

Acclaimed as the World’s first bionic knee brace, Spring Loaded has been developing revolutionary knee braces that do more than just stabilize or correct alignment of the knee. Focused on research, advanced technology, and innovation, Spring Loaded’s knee brace contains power and versatile mobility like no other brace on the market.

The challenge

When we met with the Spring Loaded team, the ask was to improve performance across their digital marketing platforms, by driving lead volume, reducing the CPL, and start tracking CAC. Creative and audience testing was our primary objective to achieve targets.

The solution

Optimizations on campaign structure, audiences, and ads were deployed strategically and transitioned in a timely manner in order to achieve optimal campaign performance.
  • Improve performance on Google Ads by testing DSA, Custom Intent, and long-tail keywords.
  • Develop new creative and audience variations to test on Facebook Ads.
  • Test new sources and ideas in existing sources to develop a diversified ad portfolio.
  • Results

    Successfully maintained a healthy ROI while scaling ad spend by 275% YoY.


    Decrease in paid CPL


    Decrease in Google CPL


    ROAS Q1-Q3 2019


    Improvement in CAC from Q1 to Q3*
    *Customer data not collected prior to us starting.
    “The team at Search+Gather moved quickly and methodically to understand our digital marketing needs and start producing results that exceeded our expectations. These peeps know their stuff!”
    keith gordon

    Keith Gordon

    Director of Marketing, Spring Loaded Technology

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