Introducing the new Search + Gather

Search + Gather is getting a whole new look, made to reflect the digital agency we’ve become, as well as look forward to the one we’ll transform into in the future. We’ve got a bold, modern look that’s as mature as we are, and we’re excited for it to take us to the next level.

We started accepting our first clients back in 2016 and worked out of our co-founder, Drew Karges’ apartment. We began with determination and the passion we needed to grow our clients’ businesses, no matter their size or industry. Since we began, we’ve moved offices, hired new experts, and signed on new clients that have inspired us to do bigger better work. What hasn’t changed throughout our entire journey is our commitment to our clients, and delivering exceptional results. What was missing from our branding, and what we’ve gained since we began, is confidence and experience. Our new branding is a visual representation of the experience we’ve accumulated, and we’re now proud to be presenting ourselves much more confidently than we were when we began.

Truthfully, the entire time we’ve been running our business, we’ve been so client-focused that we hadn’t been able to invest any effort in our own branding and image. Our client focus has never shifted, but our team has grown significantly recently. The addition of a full-time designer has allowed us to do something we’ve always wanted – devote time to improving our own brand. The result is what we’re presenting today with our new look.

We’ve actually been quietly testing our new branding since August of last year. One of the first things we got our designer to do when he came on board was develop a new landing page to compete against our existing page, with a whole new look and feel. The result was a page that featured colours and text that looked a lot like the bold branding we’re launching today. Once the page was developed, we put it in competition against our existing page, and it proved to have a much higher conversion rate. Since it did so well, we took the results from our test to the next level by completely overhauling all of our social media accounts and our website. We’re proud to present this more authentic version of what our business has become across all of our channels today.

Search + Gather is a bold digital marketing agency that’s different from the rest. We have proven experience repeatedly growing our clients’ businesses, and we’re proud of the results we consistently achieve. 

For example, one of our first clients was Top Hat, a company that’s working to transform higher education by allowing students to learn using the devices they already bring to class. Since we started working with them, we helped to improve conversions by 890% with our paid search and social strategies. We were thrilled when Top Hat acquired level C funding for $29.5m in February 2017 and $9m in June 2017.

In addition to Top Hat, we worked to develop a paid search and social strategy for Flashstock from the ground up. With our collaborative effort, we fueled growth that led to a successful acquisition by Shutterstock in June 2017.

The list goes on, and each victory feels incredible to share with our clients. It’s these remarkable milestones that caused us to rethink how we present ourselves as a company and what eventually led to this brand new look, featuring our branded + logo.

The branded ‘+’ is now the central element of our brand, representing what we do in the purest, most symbolic way. Through all our services, we are dedicated to getting more for our clients. 

More business, increase in leads, more efficient campaigns, and higher conversion rates. The list goes on. Our job is to work with our clients to achieve a strong partnership that results in both of us achieving our goals. When our clients win, so do we. We’re excited for this branding to unlock new possibilities for us, and we can’t wait to continue growing our team and our list of incredible clients.

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