When Can You Expect Results From Your PPC Campaigns?

So you’ve taken the leap and started investing in Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for your business. PPC can be a very powerful growth tool and is known to bring in faster results than its organic counterpart SEO. However, seeing profitable results doesn’t happen overnight. Especially if you’re hiring an agency or aren’t sure if PPC will work for your business, this can be problematic.

Money will start disappearing with every click, and this can be nerve-wracking when there is no guarantee of ending up with a positive ROI. However, it would be a mistake to shut everything off and fire your agency after a week of spending without seeing profit. Provided that campaigns are being monitored and optimized regularly, patience will usually pay off.  

So, when can I expect to see results?

In the PPC world, the first three months of a campaign are a testing period. This should be seen as an investment. In some cases, results already start showing within this period. However, often it’s only after gathering data, extensive testing and optimizing that campaigns reach their full potential.

Here we give you some insight to help you understand what you can expect after a PPC campaign is launched, all the processes that are involved, and when it’s an appropriate time to expect results.

Let’s take a look at all the different factors that can affect your campaign’s success:

Keywords: Appear in the right searches.

Keywords let your ads appear in relevant searches. Having a good selection of keywords is necessary to gain quality traffic.


  • keyword research
  • competitor keyword research
  • building keyword statistics
  • gathering performance data
  • refining keyword list
  • adding negative keywords

Targeting: Reach the right audience

Who your ad is seen by depends on your targeting settings. It is crucial to your campaign’s success to reach the people who are most likely to be interested in your product


  • email lists or remarketing lists: These are used to create “lookalike/similar audiences” to target based on shared characteristics of existing customers
  • typical client profiles: If no email lists are available, the demographics of typical clients can be applied and tested

Bidding: Increase cost-efficiency.

Selecting the right bidding strategy will increase clicks and determine your ad’s cost-efficiency.


  • starting with low bids
  • gathering performance data
  • increasing bids for effective keywords/eliminating or reducing bids for inefficient keywords

Creative: Get clicks.

Ad creative, which typically consists of a display image, headline and ad copy, is especially important on more visually-focused platforms like Facebook and Twitter. If it’s not engaging or appealing enough, you won’t be getting enough clicks. If it’s misleading, you will be spending money on clicks that don’t convert.


Landing Page: Get conversions.

The landing page is the crucial point where conversions will either happen or not. If a landing page isn’t effective, all other efforts go to waste.


  • writing content
  • selecting photos
  • developing a good flow and layout
  • coming up with a strong CTA
  • A/B testing different versions

Is there a way to speed up the process?

Each of the mentioned aspects require time. However, the most time-consuming part is testing different concepts, gathering data, and optimizing based on it. Therefore, there are some factors that can speed up the process:

  • Budget – A small budget will require more days to gather keyword performance data, so increasing the budget will speed this process up
  • Previous data – Campaign history allows for faster campaign optimization
  • Email lists – The “similar audiences” algorithm makes the process of efficient targeting faster

A little patience will pay off! Don’t run away after a month with no real results. After gathering enough data, testing and optimizing campaigns, PPC is one of the most effective ways to grow your business.

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