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About Kritik

Kritik is a peer-to-peer learning platform with the goal of providing more engaging and enriching learning for students. Whether classes are online or in-person, it saves professors and TAs countless hours on grading. Kritik is leveraged by over 100,000 educators & students across Canada and the United States.

The challenge

Increase the number of qualified leads (university professors), and closed deals from paid social and search campaigns.

The solution

The key to increasing qualified leads for Kritik came down to being cognizant of professor behaviours, adjusting budgets based on their availability, and understanding the ideal customer personas. With this data and learnings, we’ve been able to keep spend dynamic and plan to adjust budgets months in advance.
While we wanted to maintain certain levels of diversification across platforms, we’ve become more agile in how we leverage each differently and target our audiences, given the ongoing privacy changes and nuances of the ad platforms. Over the last two years, we’ve been able to refine the value propositions and pain points that really resonate with professors by collaborating with the sales team and leveraging data from the ad campaigns.

1st Year Results

Successfully maintained a healthy ROI while scaling ad spend by 275% YoY.


Increase in YoY MQLs


Increase in demos


Increase in MQL to Demo CVR

2nd Year Results

After getting to know the product better, in year 2, we were able to push it even further, comparing H1 vs. H2:


Increase in MQL to Demo CVR


Increase in average deal size

Going forward

Expand into a more full funnel marketing strategy.
“The team has been able to bring remarkable ideas and campaigns to the engagement, which allows them to foster strong collaboration. Their communicative and understanding approach are hallmarks of their work.”
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Armin Baig

Managing Director, Kritik

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