Facebook Lead Ads: The Good & The Bad

Facebook Lead Ads have been around since 2015, but there still seems to be some confusion surrounding their purpose and effectiveness.

We use Facebook Lead Ads for many of our clients at Search & Gather. Over time, we’ve been able to identify some pros and cons of this campaign type.

The Good

Easy to Set Up

Facebook Lead Ads are simple and straightforward to set up. With traditional Facebook URL ads, constructing good ad copy is only half the battle! You then need to make sure the content on your landing page is also effective.

Further, you’ll need to set up more elaborate tracking and ensure your page is operating smoothly (think: load speed, dynamic resizing, form submissions, etc.).

If you have a website and a privacy policy, you’re good to go! You can read a step-by-step guide on how to set it up here.  

Easy to Submit

The beauty of Facebook Lead Ads is how easy it is for your audience to submit their information.

When you click on a Lead Form, Facebook will use the information from your account to pre-fill many of the fields. This includes Name, Email and Phone Number, which are the three most important pieces of information for a lead.

Depending on the information you require, Facebook Lead Ads could be as simple as:

  1. Click the ad.
  2. Be presented with a form that is completely filled out by Facebook.
  3. Press submit.

Usually Cheaper

Facebook likes to reward advertisers for keeping users on the Facebook platform. With Facebook Lead Ads, people are never taken outside of Facebook. As a result, we are often rewarded with lower Cost-Per-Leads compared to the traditional campaigns.

We’ve seen Facebook Lead Forms bring in leads for 1/3rd the price of standard Facebook Ads! We’ve run many of these tests using the exact same ad copy in both campaigns. As a result, we can conclude that Lead Ads are typically the cheaper option.

While results will obviously vary depending on the personal information you require, as well as the nature of your business, we highly recommend running at least a small test for Lead Ads.

We aren’t the only ones recommending Facebook Lead Ads. Check out some other opinions here and here!

facebook lead ads breakdown
Facebook Lead Ads breakdown by Klick.com.

The Bad

A Hassle Without Zapier

Facebook’s method for displaying collected leads is strange. You have to click on each individual ad and download an .xls or .csv of leads that one ad has collected in a specified timeframe.

From there, you will have to figure out your own strategy for organizing your leads in one document or CRM.

On a campaign with a relatively high volume of leads coming in, it becomes a very laborious and slow task to collect your leads.

This is where Zapier comes in.

Using Zapier, you’re able to automate sending your leads to email, HubSpot, MailChimp, and more. If you aren’t willing to set this up, I would recommend avoiding Facebook Lead Ads for the time being.

Not Fully Customizable

Facebook Lead Ads are oddly strict with the formatting of their forms. For example, custom questions will always be placed on the top of the question list. This leaves the most important fields, such as name and email, towards the bottom.

While this isn’t a severe problem, their lack of customization has left us irritated on multiple occasions.

As we all know, Facebook is always making changes to their advertising platform. Lead Ads will probably be updated in the near future.

Lower Quality Leads

The previously mentioned easy-to-submit, pre-filled Lead Forms can be a double-edged sword. While it makes the submission process a breeze for your audience, it also means that you will inevitably receive a higher percentage of low-quality leads.

These can be people who are interested enough to click a couple buttons, but would not be willing to manually fill out their information. It could also be people who don’t even take time to read your form, and will just click through to get back to their Newsfeed.

You should treat Facebook Lead Ads as a top-funnel campaign. From our experience, the leads that come in will often need a significant amount of nurturing and attention before they become paying customers.

facebook lead ads funnel
Leads from Facebook Lead Ads generally fall between "Attracted" & "Interested." Image by SproutSocial.com.

Conclusion: Give Facebook Lead Ads a Try!

The beauty of digital marketing is being able to create a test with relatively low cost. If you suspect Facebook Lead Forms may help grow your business, why not give it a shot?

Need help setting up & managing your Facebook ads? Search & Gather is a digital agency specializing in paid search and social! Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can work together.

Cover photo from Opt Intelligence Blog.

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