Build Beautiful Pages on the Cheap with Elementor.

Search & Gather started using Elementor to build wordpress pages in late 2016.  The ease of use, elegant designs, and functionality instantly blew us away!  Then we found out about live form editor, global widgets, pro templates, and live custom CSS.  We were soon complete converts to this powerful, game changing page building tool.

We had been using Unbounce to build and test landing pages for clients for years.  The tool had become increasingly expensive ($200 to $500 USD per month for 100k+ traffic), and was sometimes complicated to integrate with clients current setups.  That adds up, $6,000 USD per year is a pretty nice vacation!

The more we used Elementor the more we liked it.  It is a live page builder that allowed drag and drop functionality for people with very little or no code experience.  The pages are pretty, and easily customizable.  You can save your own templates to use over again for different clients.  The form editor clearly outshines other wordpress form plugins. No longer do you have to code form styles or worry about compatibility.

search and gather - elementor interface
The stylish and functional interface of Elementor

Any Issues?

We did run into a few small issues using Elementor.  It seemed like there was often a lag with uploading our page changes to the site when we first started.  Also, the form functionality did not work for us for a day or two until Elementor support stepped in to help out.  It is also important to build EL pages on a compatible wordpress theme.  These issues were frustrating at the time, and very minor in the grand scheme of things. 


Does Elementor Beat Unbounce?

Is Elementor better than Unbounce?  Definitely.  If your client is using wordpress, and you can integrate with their CRM easily, this tool far outpaces expensive tools like Unbounce.  You can create a beautiful, functional page within an hour.  All this for free or $49 USD a year if you want the professional features. Don’t pay a toll for large traffic volumes through your landing pages.  Save the $5951 USD and go to Turks and Caicos.  

Don’t just listen to us. Developers around the world are giving Elementor huge praise, check out this developer friendly review for more information.  

Check out their official site.

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