Don’t Let Your Hard Earned Leads Die.

Lead generation is a huge part of what we do at Search & Gather. We use many digital sources from Facebook, LinkedIn and Adwords campaigns to attract new customers to our partners. I want to focus on a part of the funnel that seems to be a bit over-looked and is still a bit of a mystery or black hole in the mix…what to do when that lead comes in.

It’s one thing to bring in a good number of leads but it’s a better story (for your bottom line) if those leads are great quality and they are closing. The only way to achieve this is to have an organized sales process and break down the barriers between the marketing and sales team.

In this post, I am going to give you my tips on nurturing, closing and communicating lead quality to marketing team/agency to increase closing rates.

1. Response Time

I know this should be a no-brainer but I have seen in many cases leads sit for 2 or three days without being contacted. There is a lot of options out there in all industries and most often customers will contact multiple companies to service their needs. If you don’t have a speedy response time in that crucial first encounter with your brand your chances of winning that client goes down significantly. I like to get back to a lead with in 30mins of getting it…most of the time I respond in 5 minutes. 

2. Nobody Likes a Canned Message

Many CRMS have templates that you can build to save time for many salespeople but I don’t lean too much on these canned messages…it really sets the tone right off the bat. Find a way to customize and cater to the customer that just contacted you. 

Here is an example of how I look at leads and customize my response.

Lead Example:

Create Date        Mar 22, 2018, 5:39 PM
First Name        Richard
Last Name        Hendrix
Phone Number        5554018262
Your Website
Lead Source:        Paid Search

Hi There, 

We are a new start-up We are decentralized internet is built upon a patented foundation of peer-to-peer computer communication. We are looking for an agency partner to help us grow our leads through Google and Facebook. 

Is this something you can help us out with?


Example of a canned message.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for reaching out to S&G. Do you have time today or tomorrow to discuss your project? Feel free to call me at any point at all @ 647.544.3684

You can also book a time on My Calendar

I look forward to connecting.

Doug Gorrie
Creative Director | Co-Founder
Cell: 647.544.3684

Here is the revised version.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for reaching out to S&G I hope your Monday is off to a great start. I just checked out your site and it’s super clean and looks pretty exciting. 

Would love to set-up a call and discuss how we can help you grow your leads on Google and Facebook. I noticed you also have remarketing tags set up on the site, how’s that working for you? 

Let me know what time works for you and your team this week and I can send in invite through. 

I look forward to connecting.

Doug Gorrie
Creative Director | Co-Founder
Cell: 647.544.3684


The point is to not sound like a robot and actually go that extra mile for each lead that comes in….especially paid search leads…because there is a price tag on that lead…which brings me to my next point.  

3. Share cost per lead/data with your sales team!

I have been lucky to be on both sides of the Lead Gen coin, the marketing side, and the sales side. I find more than ever that there is a disconnect between Marketing teams that know how much they are paying for a lead and a sales team that never see those numbers.

Some of the best insights we received has come from the sales people servicing the leads…again seems like a no-brainer but this where we learn what campaigns are truly working and what changes we can make in the creative or on the landing pages.

Great sales professionals are driven and passionate…knowing that the lead that just came in cost 60 bucks brings a sense of accountability and the better understanding of the funnel. Knowing this information also helps to get feedback on quality. 

4. CRM is Key

You would be surprised to hear how many small to medium size businesses don’t have a or are not correctly using a CRM these days. As a marketing agency, this is so important to have clean data in the CRM for us to make decisions on how the campaigns are performing. Not having this data leaves a big hole in the funnel and determining ROAS.

With the right tracking, we are able to work down to the specific keyword in a campaign and is yielding the most return…and the time of day that the hottest leads come in. Well organized CRM also allows us to assume sales cycle times so we can make data-based decision to make the campaign smarter.

Simply, we need the sales team on board with the marketing team to make this work well.

I have been focusing more on the bottom of the funnel on part 1. Part 2 we will look at more top of the funnel and nurture and automation. As always would love to hear your opinions.

Shoot me an email at or give me a ring at 647-544-3684 


Doug Gorrie
Creative Director and Co-Founder 


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