Expanding Digital Presence and Cultivating Demand

The problem with Paid Search is that it exists to fill current demand.  How does a digital marketer or company expand their presence and cultivate newfound demand beyond paid search and organic impression reach?

Everyone is fighting for the same keywords on AdWords and Bing.  The CPCs only have up to go; as CRO, ad testing, and attribution becomes more refined.  One solution to expanding your paid marketing efforts is in paid social.  Create awareness about your brand, and foster assisted conversions.

Content is King

95% of people’s time on the internet is spent consuming content.  People make less than 7 searches on their mobile devices a day (and mobile usage is on the rise).  CPCs are insanely high in specific verticals – sometimes $50-150 dollar per click.  All of this amounts to an eventual plateau in Paid Search performance.  This is where content comes in; having the power to take you beyond paid search.

Create ONLY Captivating Content

Content creation should be about quality not volume.  When you filter out less engaging content, you spend your time on the content that matters.  If all content you release is relatively captivating, you will see a boost in performance when pushing this content.  Also, if a content piece is already doing well, further amplify this piece with paid social.

Just because you can promote something, doesn’t mean you should.
– Larry Kim
snowball content effect

Go All In

Once you create or discover the content people eat up, push it from every source.  Whether through promoted posts and tweets, remarketing, social ads, from partners, or other pages on your site.  Social content is about getting the snowball rolling, with the ultimate goal of going viral.  This won’t happen without an initial content push down the hill.  Testing content and engagement is what where you will find your audience, and what ultimately will take you beyond paid search and existing organic rankings.

If you need help developing your content strategy, contact Search & Gather.

Just because you can promote something, doesn’t mean you should. – Larry Kim