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Corprate Plus Club helps you close more business by offering clients a VIP membership with exclusive local benefits.
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About Corporate Plus Club

Corporate Plus Club replaces traditional business cards with a VIP club card experience for your community. Every club comes preloaded with corporates rates which you can access every day, as well as unique perks your club manager has added.

The challenge

When we met with Corporate Plus Club, they didn’t have digital presence and relied only on tradeshows for leads and customers. They needed to diversify channels.

The solution

We built a Facebook ad account from scratch. New ads, copy, LP, top-performing headlines.



Facebook generates 90% of all leads


FB generates 87% of all customers


Leads / month


Customers / month



Going forward

  • Platform expansion for further channel diversification
  • Develop a full-funnel strategy to better align with omnichannel approach with tradeshows, events investment
  • Test more testimonial and video ads since it drove 95% of leads since switching over to testing video
  • “They’re performing way above our expectations and are everything we hoped they’d be.”

    Andrew Sasson

    Corporate Plus Club

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