5 Overlooked AdWords Features You Should Be Using

It’s hard to keep up with Google AdWords. The advertising platform is as dynamic as it is powerful,and its features, algorithms and functions are constantly changing.

In order to get the most out of advertising on AdWords, marketers should always keep an eye out for new updates. But since the Google team is continuously optimizing and testing, it’s easy to miss some!

Here we highlight our favourite new AdWordsfeatures and what they can do for you.

Smart Display Ads

Good for: saving time, automated targeting and bidding

Required: images, ad copy, headlines, at least 50 previous Google Display Network conversions, a daily budget 10-15 times the target CPA bid

ad words features

Smart Display Ads are intelligent campaigns with automated targetingand bidding strategies that rely on machine-learning.

Once images, ad copy and headlines are provided,a series of different ads will be created that learn from your data to develop targeting strategies and bid placements. This might seem risky, but you still have control by selecting a target CPA goal, as well as a daily campaign limit.

In order for the automation algorithms to gain enough intelligence, a considerable amount of data is required for Smart Display Ads to work. Therefore this feature is unfortunately unavailable for many smaller businesses.

Dynamic Search Ads

Good for: skipping keyword research, better match between search term, ad and landing page  

Required: website/landing page, ad description

adwords features

Instead of relying on keywords, Dynamic Search Ads screen your website and adapt to its content. Using the same technology Google utilizes for organic search results, the ads appear in searches withrelated words and phrases. The headlines and landing page are dynamically selected, which allows for a better match between search term, ad and landing page.

We used Dynamic Search Ads for one of our clients who sells duvets and pillows. Within the first two months, the results showed an ROA increase of 300%, demonstrating just how powerful this tool can be.

Responsive Ads

Good for: different ad formats and placements, saving time

Required: Ad image, logo, headline

adwords features

Responsive ads are a great way to experiment with different ad formats and placements, without having to manipulate each one individually. This saves a lot of time and money, especially for companies without a graphic designer.

All you need to provide is an image, your logo and a headline. Responsive ads automatically adjust the size, appearance and format of your ads to fit into different pages and ad dimensions. To attract more clicks, the ads are also made to match the look of the hosting website or app.

There is more: Ads are optimized based on past performance, meaning that as more data is gathered, results improve. Another perk is that ad formats are adjusted to the type of device they are accessed from, allowing for optimal performance also on mobile devices.

Promotion Extensions

Good for: highlighting promotions, increasing traffic, increasing conversions

Required: a promotion or sale

adwords features

AdWords promotion extensions can highlight sales or promotions on your website. After specifying a start and end date, these extensions appear below your ad text and can display details such as special occasions (e.g. Black Friday Sale), promo codes, minimum order values and end dates.

Promo extensions are clickable and take the customer right to the offer they are interested in, making this a highly valuable feature.

Bid Modifications by Age and Gender

Good for: saving money, increasing conversions

Required: an understanding of your customers and data

adwords features

An often overlooked feature in AdWords is the option to modify bids based on demographics. This cost-saving approach allows you to increase or decrease bids by gender and age.

Your data provides you with valuable insights on performance by demographics. If you place higher bids on the group with the most conversions, and lower bids on groups that don’t convert, this will lower your campaign’s cost and improve its performance.

For example, a jewellery site might get the most clicks from females, but the most conversions from males. Based on this, bids could be increased for males, as they are more likely to convert, and decreased for females. You also have the option to completely exclude any age range or gender that only seems to hike up costs.

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