Elevate Festival 2023

Elevate Festival in Toronto unites innovators and leaders for 3 days, focusing on inclusivity, sustainability, renowned speakers, and networking.

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About Elevate Festival

Elevate Festival is a 3-day conference held annually in Toronto, uniting top innovators and industry leaders with a shared commitment to shaping a more inclusive and sustainable future. This event offers attendees access to renowned speakers, networking opportunities, and serves as an inspiration hub for making a positive difference in the heart of North America’s third-largest tech hub.

The challenge

Elevate Festival aimed to reach a target of over 8,000 entrants while simultaneously promoting their partner innovation programs for tech & ecommerce startups. A crucial aspect of this challenge was the need to accurately attribute paid ticket sales to specific marketing campaigns through a third-party ticketing platform, Bizzabo.

The solution

Elevate Festival worked with S+G to develop a comprehensive digital strategy and media plan, 6 months prior to the event’s kickoff in September. The focus was on launching highly effective campaigns designed to leverage the promotion of accelerator innovation programs while reaching the diverse audiences that could benefit from (and ultimately afford) Elevate festival tickets. 

  • They launched effective campaigns for innovation programs and ticket sales, utilizing a full funnel approach from awareness to conversion. 
  • Leveraged Google Ads, Meta Ads, TikTok Ads & StackAdapt to reach target audiences. 
  • Precise tracking in third-party ticketing software ensured accurate attribution of paid sales to campaign performance. 
  • A/B testing was employed, evaluating the top-performing static, carousel, and video creatives across multiple channels. The aim was to consistently outperform previous variants and achieve the highest levels of engagement and reach leading up to the event.


The results of this digital marketing initiative across platforms were remarkable. Bringing success across Elevate’s key KPIs.


The festival saw an impressive 9,500 entrants, surpassing the target by 18%.



Ticket sales exceeded their goal by an impressive 40%.


Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) reached an exceptional 200%+.



Bonus? S+G’s Co-founder, Doug Gorrie & Director of Strategy, Natalie Gaskin were asked to speak at the event. An honor and tons of fun! 

Nat and Doug on stage

Going forward

While the Event has come to an end, the planning for next year is just beginning! To further push the goal for next year, we will:

  • Continue leveraging remarketing lists for innovation programs throughout the year.
  • Analyze demographic data from past festivals to create new Lookalike (LAL) audiences for precise targeting.
  • Incorporate new video assets for timely and relevant recaps in their creative content.


This case study showcases how a strategically executed digital marketing campaign, spanning all stages of the marketing funnel, played a pivotal role in achieving and surpassing the festival’s goals, while also providing a blueprint for continued success in the future

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